Classic Kawasaki middleweights of the 80’s

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1980 Kawasaki Z250B

Kawasaki Z250B1 Original sales sheet

Kawasaki Z250B1 Specification

Kawasaki Z250B 1980

Kawasaki Z250B.

Launched in 1980, a year after the Z250A, the ‘B’ model shaved a significant amount off the price of its more expensive brother to compete head on in a competitive market for 250’s.

Spoked wheels, drum brakes, 2 into 1 exhaust, no pinstriping, but, 25lb lighter and £70 cheaper.

30+ years on I have to say I prefer the look of the ‘B’ with its wire wheels, but sales figures look pretty low from my research so I guess 1980’s man in the street was happy to pay the extra for the Scorpion.

Kawasaki Z250B and its big rival the Honda Superdream captured in a ‘Bike’ Magazine 4 way shootout also featuring the Suzuki GSX250 and Yamaha XS250 in June 1980.

Just how my bike would have looked if it was complete!

Kawasaki Z250B 1980

Click here to download the 6 page Kawasaki Z250B review from Which Bike magazine May 1980 in PDF form ( 1.5MB )