Classic Kawasaki middleweights of the 80’s

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1979 Kawasaki Z250A Scorpion

Kawasaki Z250A1 pictured here in 1979. Photo reproduced from ‘Bike’ Magazine

Click here to download the full magazine article as a PDF

Kawasaki Z250A ‘Scorpion’

From its initial design brief in 1975 to its appearance at the 1978 motorcycle show the Z250 was a bike very much designed for the UK market with its unique 250cc learner limit.

The contemporary report in ‘Bike’ Magazine concludes that the bike was a great, although late, entry to the UK 250cc market with better handling and brakes than other bikes in its class. ‘Bike’ says that the Z250A had ‘Good handling. Good braking, good lighting and was also simple, light and easy to work on and fairly economical’

The Z250A boasted a full specification compared to its cheaper brother launched a year later ( the Z250B ) with disc brakes front and rear, alloy wheels and pinstriped paintwork.

Brief specification from Bike Magazine test. (download the article for full spec)

Engine..................  SOHC Twin

Bore x Stroke ........  55 x 52.4mm

Capacity ..............  248cc

Compression ratio ..  9.5 : 1

Carbs ..................  2 x 32mm Keihin

BHP @ RPM ..........   27 @ 10,000

Max Torque @ RPM .  15.2 ft/lb @ 8500

Weight ................   353 lb

Top speed (prone) .  90.9 mph

          (sitting up) .  78.6 mph

In 1979 Road Bike magazine featured a comprehensive 5 page article on the Z250A1 Scorpion and found it ‘the best 250 we have tested so far’ click on the pages below or download the complete article as a PDF here

Kawasaki Z250 Scorpion may 1980

Kawasaki Z250 Scorpion may 1980

NEW! ... Click on the image to download Z250A parts catalogue as a PDF File ( approx 6MB file size )

Thanks due to Mark from www.KL250.co.uk for the loan of his material

In 1979 MotorCycling magazine published this 6 page ‘Road and Track’ test

Download the PDF Here

Motorcycle Sport June 1980

A glowing review for this early KB Replica from the ‘thinking man’s’ magazine of the 1980s

Click here to download a PDF

Kawasaki Z250-A3 sales Brochure

Kawasaki Z250-A3 sales brochure